Model 3 Trunk Storage Pocket Nets


Set of Two Trunk Storage Pocket Nets for Tesla Model 3

✔ Tuck away items for cleaner and more organized trunk space.

✔ Expand storage for more items in easily accessible corner pocket.

✔ Organize and expand storage for items in sub-trunk.

✔ Prevent movement of items during acceleration and braking.

✔ No holes and no screws; making it easy to install or remove.

✔ Simply stick it in place with strong velcro strips.

✔ Buy with Confidence; Ships from Canada!

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Top Features

Just Stick Them On

Strong velcro strips make installation process a breeze. Simply stick them on or peel to remove.

Secure Loose Items

The stretchable nets help prevent movement of items during acceleration and braking. Expand storage and tuck away items for organized trunk space.

Set of 2

Smaller one for the right corner area and the larger one for the sub-truck area.



Model 3 Storage Nets
Parameter Value
Materials Stretchable Net
Small Dimensions 25x25cm
Large Dimensions 25x62cm
Package Weight 125g